104 Key Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset

Six Button 10,000 DPI Gaming Mouse


Our Boudica Series Gaming Bundle is the way to get all items in our Boudica line in one box. This bundle is the exact product that are sold separately. We do not change the features or specifications to make the bundle less expensive like some of our competitors do. It is made up of the Boudica USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, the Boudica USB Gaming Headset, and the Boudica USB Gaming Mouse.

Each item has a Prism Lighting LED effects. The keyboard Prism Lighting is a RGB color back lighting the keys and the PolyGlow orbiting edge lighting. The headset Prism Lighting is the color changing lights on the outside of the ear cups which adds a stylish ambiance to your game play. The mouse Prism Lighting brings a rich, subtle glow, creating a universe of colors radiating from the mouse base. The comfortable ergonomic design is coated with a slip-and-sweat resistant rubber textured surface for hours of precision gaming.

Boudica Series Gaming Bundle
Boudica Keyboard
Boudica Headset
Boudica Mouse
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