Warrior Branding

Gaming is about transforming self into a virtual world. Our branding forges a connection between legendary, powerful, historical warriors and gamers. This link brings out the inner warrior spirt that’s inside of us all.

Epic deeds

Boudica, a Celtic Queen who solely led a revolt against the Romans. After the death of her King, the Romans confiscated her lands and took her nobles as slaves. Boudica was then publicly flogged and her two daughters raped, fueling her rage and revenge.  She resolved to win or die, slavery not an option. Her warrior spirit empowered her people to rise up with her, eventually leading to the slaughter of 80,000 Romans. At Velocilinx, we believe this inner fire lives within every gamer and consider Boudica a perfect representor of what we stand for — leadership, power, and perseverance.

Brennus, a Gallic King who invaded and defeated the Romans. His sack of Rome in 390 B.C. was recorded in history as the worst disaster of the early Roman Republic. King Brennus’ velocity and speed of attack caught the Romans by surprise which made it easy for him to capture the entire city of Rome. This marked the only time in 800 years Rome was occupied by a non-Roman army. Brennus’ famous victory cry of ‘Vae victus!’, translates to ‘woe to the conquered!’ At Velocilinx we know speed and response time are critical to success in gaming and the Brennus Collection will not let you down and leave you shouting ‘Vae Victus’ at your defeated gaming enemies.

Tyr, the Norse God of War, Law, and Justice. Mythical Viking legends tell of Norse warriors evoking Tyr to empower them to destroy their enemies and bring justice and victory to the land. It is not uncommon to miss that law and justice is not just a court room or a list of rules to live by but it becomes a battle of the mind and will that allows a person to prevail. This is also shown in the ability of a war to be decided not only by the full army but by a law which allows the outcome to be determined by two champions stepping forward to do individual battle. Gaming may be a virtual battle on the screen, but it is always a battle of mind and will.

The power of the legends of old pulsates through the gaming warriors of today!

Boudica keyboard


Boudica headset, keyboard and mouse


This collection features finishes in white and metal with multiple lighting modes. As a collection it is stunning with lightning quick performance and precison right out of the box.

Boudica mouse Boudica keyboard Boudica headset
Brennus headset, keyboard and mouse


This collection features finishes in sleek black and metal with multiple lighting modes. As a collection it packs lightning quick performance and precison right out of the box.

Brennus mouse Brennus keyboard Brennus headset
Tyr mouse


This collection is our profesional line with black and silver finishes and improved functionality. If you want the best, this is the collection for you. We are currently offering the 6 button mouse, with the companion pieces in development.

Tyr mouse

Women Who Game

Since inception, Velocilinx has a strong core in supporting and promoting female gamers. This group is an essential building block for much of our consumer research and they are a critical ingredient in all the innovation and design work we do.

We feel there is a right way to listen to people and that will inform how we play together. Velocilinx is insatiable in trying to understand what makes the best gamers most successful. Only this way can we identify features for the future designs of our products. The female gaming community has and continues to be one of the most significant contributors to our insights and product roadmap.

Leading the industry into the next generation of gaming products with strong partnerships like the female gaming community.

A PC Gamer holding a keyboard

Military and Veteran Gaming

The military community is near and dear to, and represented on, the Velocilinx team. We constantly look for ways to partner with the gaming community within the military which extends beyond active duty personnel to retired members, families, and friends. This includes engaging the military gaming community in focus groups and more.

Military gamers and Veterans have created a unique gaming culture online where they can be themselves in a group. We support their efforts and activities.

We are particularly focused on ways we can be better partners with Mission 22, a non-profit who combats the ever-rising Veteran suicide rate. Every day, more than twenty two Veterans are lost to suicide. One is too many, and our hearts and compassion go out to the Veterans and family members touched by this tragedy.

Commitment to community has no bounds and Velocilinx will continue to support the fight to save active duty and Veteran lives.

Boudica keyboard