Our primary goal is to deliver high-quality products that look great with excellent performance.

We firmly believe in reinvestment is the best solution to maintaining that edge which keeps us successful. That includes our manufacturing, our employees, and our community.

It takes a total commitment to your people, your process, and your community to be successful

Community: Military

For years we have been a strong advocate of those who stand the line on our behalf and for us the affinity for those in and out of the service comes naturally. Our team, our families, and our friends are current or former service members.

Furthermore, we actively engage the military community for input into our product development activities and several of our current products are from those innovation sessions.

Doing more

We are also active in several organizations that are taking the next step to help those who need a helping hand.

Stack Up is a not-for-profit dedicated to improving mental health awareness for those in and returned from service. A recent study indicates as many as 22 suicides a day are committed by those who have or do serve our country. Stack Up believes there are many solutions to help eliminate this tragedy and one important step is to engage with a community. Our gaming products are part of a growing platform of inclusion which can create additional access for those separated by distance or other causes.

Our donations of resources, time, and talent to Stack Up’s fund-raising events and other initiatives, we believe, are making a difference for those who need it most. Come see us in LA on Nov 9 to learn more.

Partnership beyond today

Velocilinx is partnering with the Military Gamers to bring next-level gaming capabilities to the on-base experience for those service members still on active duty and their families.

We partner with the Military Gamers organization to enhance and magnify the gaming community experience through our partnership in on-base activities, with engagement events to increase conversation and inclusion, and with upcoming initiatives to partner in the on-base retail enhancement initiatives with organizations owned and operated by disabled veterans.

Partner smart

Our partnership with Military Gaming League is more than a desire to work with an organization with strong convictions toward providing a community resource for those connected to the military.

Military Gaming League is dedicated to the betterment of the military community through the inclusion that gaming can offer those who serve connect to one another, as well as friends and family for a smoother transition and greater post-service success.

The next-level capabilities of Military Gaming League demonstrate a commitment to excellence which translates with precision to successful events for all their partners on missions that drive value. Come see Military Gaming League and Velocilinx partner in Los Angeles on Nov 9. Click here to learn more.