UVC LED Disinfecting Wand

VXMT-UVCWD20-WHRG-MB25LI-FD-10 | UPC 753494942003


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Kills 99.9% of all Viruses and Bacteria!

Harness the power of the sun to destroy bacteria and viruses in an environmentally clean and friendly way.

By the power of ultraviolet light, surfaces can be sanitized without using chemicals or creating waste. The Germinator UV wand will bring you piece of mind that you are protected wherever you are.

This lightweight and portable sterilizer expands to nearly twice its size for a more thorough sanitization of surfaces or objects with each wave of the wand. When not in use, it is easy to store and portable enough to slide into a handbag, backpack, or luggage for everyday activities such as commuting to work, running errands in the car, going on a trip, cleaning around the house, and going to school.

Using the wand could not be easier or more environmentally friendly. Simply put on the protective glasses and wave the wand over the area as instructed. The wand activates at the touch of a button, it does not need to touch the surface and sterilization takes less than a minute! Plus, there are no gloves needed to handle hazardous chemicals, there are no fumes, there are no wipes to dispose, no batteries to replace, and there is no damage to the surface!

Velocilinx Germinator UVC wand, bag, goggles and package Velocilinx Germinator UVC wand front
Get ready to kill Viruses!
Germinator wand, pouch and safety goggles


  • Slide the child safety lock open
  • Unfold the wand
  • Put on the safety glasses
Germinator sterilizing a Boudica gaming keyboard

Double Click

  • Activate with the wand pointed away from you
  • Swipe back forth over an area around one inch from the surface for around a minute
  • Approximately 50 minutes use on one battery charge
A happy Germinator user looking at her clean phone


  • Use the power of the sun instead of harmful chemicals
  • Kills 99.9% of all Viruses and Bacteria
  • Keep your family and yourself safe and healthy

Kills 99.9% of all Viruses and Bacteria!

The specialized LEDs in the Germinator wand operate at the much-higher UVC band of wavelengths (260-280 nanometers). Similar products that are used in medical sanitation environments utilize a comparable UVC band of wavelength to ensure sanitation.
Home, Office, Travel, School...
anywhere that you need protection.
A commercial airplane folding seatback tray
School desk
Child's nursery
Gym weight bench
Office computer and desk
A cutting board in a nice, modern kitchen
Germinator wand in use on a bathtub
Germinator wand in use on a pillow and bedding
A lone chopping cart in an empty parking lot
A Germinator wand sterilizing personal items
Germinator wand in the closed position
Safety Features
Card image cap

Card safety lock button

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Double click power on button

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Audible chime on/off, and vibration sound when device is on

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Deactivating gravity sensor

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UVC safety glasses

This product can be used in support of the Health Canada guidance to reduce the spread of viruses such as the flu. Health Canada (October 2019) recommends disinfecting commonly used items such as phones, keyboards and mice, and TV remotes, along with: avoid touching your face; washing your hands often; coughing and sneezing into the crook of your elbow rather than your hand.