Undeniable Durability

Velocilinx products are designed with the understanding of the passionate gamer. We know that you love your games and love to hate the game play when everything seems to go wrong.

We understand the fire and fury of emotions that arise from aggressive and passionate gaming. All Velocilinx products are built “Gamer Tough”.

Rugged durability you can trust not just for today, but also for tomorrow.

Boudica headset


Velocilinx products do more than help us in our daily lives. Our designs are intended to feel good and to look good. The sleek, modern designs from Velocilinx take the best of what’s expected and infuse a bit of elegance to create something better.

Technology is ever-present in our lives and Velocilinx designs solutions to make these products do more than exist, they can inspire. Let Velocilinx show you how much more fun your devices can be.

Blending creativity, innovation, technology, and luxury into products with YOU in mind.

Boudica keyboard

Premium Performance

Across the spectrum, Velocilinx solutions are recognized for an ability to deliver superior performance. Additionally, Velocilinx products also enrich your experience with thoughtful functionality, top-tier materials, and an elegant design.

Leveraging a strong commitment to working with our customers, Velocilinx is able to combine the needs and wants of the most discerning consumer with the best capabilities available to build solutions that deliver a great experience time after time.

Features you want, designs you love, solutions you need...
That’s Velocilinx.
Boudica keyboard