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PRODUCT RANGE Quality technology

Velocilinx is a premium technology retail brand and a leader in the global high-tech electronics market. Featuring cutting edge technology and the latest innovations manufactured in state of the art facilities, the Velocilinx brand covers all your technology needs.

We are committed to the highest levels of quality in manufacturing and distribution and pride ourselves in providing enhanced logistics and attentive customer service.



Routers, POE switches, range extenders, ceiling mounts, wireless adapters and modems...

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iPad controlling a home's systems remotely

Home Automation

Starter kits, cameras, motion detectors, door sensors, timers, outlets and lights...

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wireless charger


Wireless, mouse and car charging pads, power banks, car adapters and chargers, wall chargers, USB cables...

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pair of hands connecting cables in a computer


Virtual Reality, headsets, keyboards, cables, gaming routers and capture devices...

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futuristic goggles

New Products

Cutting edge technology, market researched and ready for distribution...

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audio cables


Hubs, HDMI, display port cables, Toslink, extenders and splitters...

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Computer, audio/video, USB, fiber optic, display port, Cat 5E/6E, Thunderbolt, patch, HDMI and power...

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Surge protectors, USB hubs, USB C adapters, screen cleaning kits, remote controls, 3.1/3.0 hub adapters...

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Device charging kit

Specialty Kits

Mobility (power), HDMI kit (new TV hook up), 2 pack portable power/flashlight, HDMI 4K cable in 6/15 foot...

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Let Us Build It For You

Velocilinx engineering and solutions.

The Velocilinx brand sells a variety of items, from the simplest of cables and harnesses to the most cutting edge designs, we have the know-how and capability to support your company with high end, quality products.

We are agile enough to add new products that support your customers needs. We have designers, engineers and manufacturing plants with which to design and produce items not seen here.

Give us a call, and let's build together!

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