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Velocilinx's HDMI cables are made to the HDMI latest specification and are third party tested to meet or exceed the HDMI specifications.

These cables are great for Blu-ray players, cable boxes, TV’s, computers, tablets, projectors and gaming systems.


Active synchronization chip – may be necessary for some cables depending on wire gauge and length.

Wire gauge – recommended wire gauges based on the length of the cable.

Lengths – Select lengths from 3 feet to 100 feet available.

Boots – Standard strait molding, 180° rotating molding, 180° x 2 rotating molding


  • High speed.
  • HDMI ethernet channel (HEC) – audio return channel (arc).
  • 18 GHz – bandwidth (supports 4k at 60 Hz refresh rate).
  • A-A – standard.
  • C-A – mini to standard.
  • D-A – micro to standard.


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